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Feb 03, 2019

A Vision of God

A Vision of God

Passage: 1 Corinthians 12:31-13:13

Speaker: Rev. Kurt Ebert

Series: Epiphany

Category: Calvary Lutheran Church

Summary: Our definition and celebration of the gift of love is too often a vaporous vision of ethereal feelings. Paul does not send us searching for that right person or situation that will conjure up feelings of love. Instead, Paul calls us to real life acts of love, as we ask ourselves the difficult questions, “Is my love…patient and kind or can my love too often be envious and boastful, proud and self-seeking, easily angered and quick to keep a record of wrongs?” Paul provides not a definition of love, but a description of love filled with rich illustrations. The only place that we come to truly know and experience love like this—outside of those few passing glimpses of the love of others—is in the love of Jesus Christ. As we come face to face with Jesus, we come face to face with love itself. Since God is love, he melts our hearts and facades of stone, so that we can reflect His love to others.