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Lunch & Learn - Link Observatory Presentation

01.23.18 | Adult Ministry | by Communications Ministry Team

    January's Lunch & Learn, sponsored by Calvary's Adult Ministry, was held January 17.  After a delicious lunch featuring Beef Stroganoff and our regular programming, guest speaker Greg McCauley, Executive Director/CEO of the Link Observatory Space Science Institute, gave an exciting presentation.  Link Observatory is "the jewel of Morgan County", a little know astronomical observatory located on a high bluff about 3 miles south of Mooresville, Indiana.  The mission of the institute is advance scholastic literacy of future generations with informal STEM education focused on NASA missions, astronomy, and space exploration; and to foster scientific curiosity and advance science literacy to cultivate and nurture the next generation of leaders.

    Greg presented an overview of the Link Observatory, the Space Science Institute, and then focused his presentation on the search for Planet X, a yet to be discovered planet in our solar system whose existence is based on its influence on the orbits of known planets.  Our understanding of our solar system has advanced dramatically over the last 50 years.  Since 1992, 2,422 minor planets have been discovered, many larger than Pluto.  The technique used by Clyde Tombaugh to discover Pluto in 1930 is still used today, although modern technologies can do in hours what used to take years back then.

    Check out our Facebook photo album of this event by clicking here.