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Firm Foundation Appeal (Updated March 26, 2018)

03.26.18 | Giving | by Communications Ministry Team

    As we celebrate the conclusion of our "Calvary Can" campaign, which paid off the church mortgage, there are still many needs to be met within the building and grounds.  Considering the age of our complex and the many people who are touched daily and weekly through the ministries of our church and school, we come to realize how much wear and tear can begin to take its toll on our facility, but it is precisely these facilities that make a first and lasting impression of the ministry that we provide.

    The leadership of Calvary has set a goal to raise $200,000 by July 31, 2018 to complete critical capital improvement projects.  Key projects are:

    • North Parking Lot - lighting and paving
    • Sanctuary - Improve HVAC, replace lighting, painting
    • Church Office - Improve HVAC
    • Narthex - Replace gas heater
    • Buildings & Grounds - Update Security Cameras system
    March 26, 2018 UPDATE 

    We are a little more than halfway through the campaign and to date over $112,000 has been raised.  Thank you Calvary members for your generosity!  Several safety related projects have been identified as top priorities and are being worked on:

    1. The Security Cameras system was put out to bid and the contract has been awarded.  Work on this will not begin until the school year ends to avoid disruption to students and teachers.
    2. The North Parking Lot project was put out to bid and the Facilities Board is working on finalizing a contract with the top choice.  This work can begin as soon as the contract is signed and the weather permits.  As you can see in these pictures, there is a significant need!


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    Plate and online offerings made during the Wednesday Lenten services will be designated to Calvary's Firm Foundation appeal.