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Calvary and Habitat Once Again

03.31.18 | Volunteer | by Communications Ministry Team

    Calvary and Habitat Once Again

    CALVARY congregation will partner again with HABITAT FOR HUMANITY to fund and build a home in our Indianapolis community. This year Calvary volunteers will assist at home sites  located on the South side of Indianapolis.   Habitat has scheduled 7 Volunteers days during May and June and Calvary has agreed to fill two (2) of those days.

    CALVARY WORK DATES are one date in May and another in June. The dates we have applied for are SATURDAY, MAY 12 and FRIDAY, JUNE 1. Those dates will now be processed by Habitat for Humanity. We do know that we will need about 10-12 volunteers from Calvary for each one of those days. The work on May 12 includes Punch List Projects. June 1 work includes Interior Paint at this time. We will know what our exact work will be when the dates are assigned to us by Habitat.

    Lunch is provided-pizza. Calvary usually provides coffee, juice and donuts in the morning for all those on site. The daily schedule is as follows:
         7:40-8:00am = arrive on site;
         8:00-8:15am = required safety talk;
         8:15am-2:30pm = work day with Lunch break.
    Habitat schedule has only one work session per day. Habitat provides training, materials and safety equipped. No experience is required.

    SIGN UP BEGINS Sunday, April 8. There is a table in the Narthex beginning on that date to check the schedule, ask questions and sign up. Also signup by emailing your date or dates to Pastor Art at at any time.

    NOTE there will be another one or two Habitat Build dates this summer and fall. Those construction dates have not yet been determined, but Calvary will ask for at least one date to be assigned to us. We will again need between 10-15 volunteers, depending on the work to be done. Better information will follow in the next newsletter. 

    QUESTIONS?  Pastor Art, Coordinator on behalf of Stewardship Ministry team.  ( )